How To Mount A TV In A Rented Apartment

You can do any interior setting of your choice when you live in your own home. But living in a rental apartment requires you to abide by the rules of your landlord. Most landlords won’t let the renter drill the holes in walls to mount the TV or other things. It’s one of the major rental apartment problems. In some cases, it is not allowed to drill holes in the wall by the landlord and can put the security deposit of the renter in jeopardy.

Also, mounting a TV on the wall is essential since many homes or apartments don’t have sufficient space. Besides, wall mounting is convenient and improves the viewing experience greatly. Although you are living in a rental apartment, still it’s your home. And who doesn’t want their home comfortable and stylish? Now you have or just bought a flat panel LCD/LED, and you want to mount it at a height for uncluttered setup and space-efficient. Thus, there must be a way so that people can enjoy their entertainment time in a style they want. ONKRON TV carts have resolved the TV mount problem in the rental apartments. ONKRON manufacturer and distributor of high-quality TV and computer screen mounting solutions all over the world for the past 10 years.

With great design and different, ONKRON has a wide range of mobile and stationary space-saving TV carts that can add style in the home interior. Their TV stands are easy to maneuver and a blend of quality, design, and value and comes in black, white, and grey colors, enhancing the beauty of your lounge. Let’s discuss the features of their TV cart variety that can fit your need and interior design. EXTREMELY HEAVY-DUTY Are you scared that the TV cart won’t bear the weight of your television? ONKRON TS2210 designed the TV carts, particularly for heavy televisions.

These TV stands are made up of aluminum and SPCC steel to provide maximum safety of the equipment. FRAME MATERIAL AND VESA MOUNT Their TV frames are durable and are undergone triple load test thus are safe and sound. Their TV carts are available in strong, wide heavy-duty steel and aluminum frames. Different TV carts support the different sizes of televisions from 32” up to 100 inches. They can fit almost all types of modern screens, including LCD, OLED, LED, plasma, Ultra HD, flat-panel, and curved screens. Their VESA mounting standard range include 200x300mm, 200x200mm, 300x300mm, 300x200mm, 400x400mm, 400x300mm, and 600x400mm. They can hold up to 45 kg (100lbs) TV sets.

They also have TV frames that can support two screens side by side. The steel base balance both screens perfectly. ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT COLUMNS ONKRON’s TV carts have telescopic columns to raise or lower the TV screen without using any tool. There is no need to take the television off the mounting stand. The height adjustment range starts from 47.2 inches up to 65 inches off the ground. Save Space with Onkron TV Cats ADJUSTABLE CART WIDTH Some of their TV carts have two assembly ways with different widths, i.e., 21.6” (548mm) and 29.5” (749mm).

This unique feature provides more maneuvering freedom around the home as the base material is SPCC. It makes the model stable and reliable and holds mobility. This width adjustment feature is available for heavy-duty TV carts for massive 60” to 100 inches TVs that can weigh up to 300 lbs. (136.4 kg). AV SHELVES The carts have two shelves made of steel for placing accessories. The larger shelve is under the monitor and can hold up to 25 pounds load of audio or audio equipment, gaming accessories, receivers, or laptop. On top is the smaller shelve with a capacity of holding 10 pounds weight that is usually used for input devices such as gaming motion sensing or webcam. CABLE MANAGEMENT The unique cart design has special openings in the telescopic column of TV stand for manage cables.

It doesn’t look messy because all cables, cords, and wires are hidden in the holes and give a neat look to the viewer. LOCKABLE CART WHEELS You might want to watch television in your room not to disturb the kids or other members when they are asleep. ONKRON TV carts have lockable wheels made of caster rubber for smooth mobility and with no scratch on the floor. You can lock the wheels easily for maximum safety to prevent the TV stand from moving accidentally. Now you don’t need to worry about rolling the cart when changing the interior setting. ELECTRIC MOTOR DRIVE The electric motor drive is another fantastic feature of the TV cart model for adjusting height easily and quickly. It is located under the screen and lowers or lifts the screen with no effort and at any time you want without leaving your place. All it takes is to plug it in the electrical socket and press the desired button on the remote. Pressing the ‘Up’ button will lift the TV, ‘down’ for lowering the TV, and ‘middle’ button to stop the movement at the existing height.

INSTALLATION ONKRON TV carts are easy to install and can also be disassembled quickly. You will get all the hardware you need, including three sets of bolts for mounting the TV screen. It requires no permanent installation. It’s a handy TV stand and can be easily carried when you change the apartment. SHIPPING AND WARRANTY ONKRON ships worldwide. For people living in the continental U.S. can enjoy free shipping service. The company delivers the items within 2-6 business days. ONKRON offers five years warranty on all of their TV carts. The warranty period starts on the original date of the product purchase. ONKRON will replace the defective parts of the stand free of cost. So don’t worry about the scam. BOTTOM LINE Shifting is not an easy task. You put your effort into finding a suitable apartment for you and your family, and then restrictions from the landlord come in your way when setting the house. Visit, choose the TV cart according to your TV specs, and enjoy your entertainment time.