VESA Mounting Standards , Choose The Right Mount

VESA is the Video Electronics Standards Association – an organization founded in the 1980s with headquarters in California,created to set standards for computer displays.

Establishing standards helps to ensure that electronics made by different companies both provide adequate value to the user, and maintain compatibility with each other. With the lines between computer monitors and digital televisions blurring, VESA standards tend to apply to both today.

Usually, standardized manufacturing is something that only engineers and designers worry about. However, you may run headlong into it when you try to mount a television or monitor on a VESA stand, and discover that it isn’t made to VESA mounting standards. The reverse is also true – VESA monitors and TV screens often won’t fit on non-VESA compliant stands. In part because acquiring the blueprints for VESA standards isn’t free, many companies still make screens that don’t match up to VESA measurements at all.

VESA Adapter Kits to the Rescue

Since VESA-standardized screens make use of standard dimensions and non-VESA screens don’t, it’s almost always easier to adapt towards VESA rather than away from it.

If you’ve got a non-VESA monitor or TV screen, you can make use of a high quality VESA adapter kit to attach it to VESA mount anyway.

VESA mounts typically use four bolts to connect the screen bracket or support to the stand. These mounts place the four bolts in a square pattern, most commonly 75mm by 75mm (75x75 in short form) or 100mm by 100 mm (100x100), which are 3” by 3” or 4” by 4”. The adapter kit consists of four separate mounting arms whose outer ends hook or clamp onto the edges of your non-standardized monitor.

Their inner ends include two mounting holes apiece. This enables bolting them to a VESA mount in several different configurations, to that they accommodate different monitor sizes and shapes.

They’re capable of holding screens measuring anywhere from 13” to 27”. The arrangement naturally isn’t super-tough, but can support up to 16-18 lbs.

VESA Monitor Stands

Besides adapters, there’s a wide range of VESA monitor stands ready to support your VESA compatible monitor or screen.hese include articulated arms that clamp onto the edge of your desk or table with a C-clamp style attachment.

The clamp is rubber cushioned to reduce the chance of marring the surface finish, while the arm is fully adjustable, with gas springs to keep it positioned exactly how you configure it.

The X-shaped VESA mount on these arms usually has two sets of mounting holes so that the monitor stand is compatible with both 75x75 and 100x100 mounting patterns. This covers the vast majority of VESA-compliant screens. Aluminum is commonly used in stand construction due to its light weight and longevity. Some of these VESA monitor stands even feature two arms to mount a pair of monitors side-by-side.

For big screens, you can pick from mobile TV stands that are free-standing and move on braked casters so you can position them exactly right for good viewing. Lighter mobile stands of this type can support screens of 100 lbs, and fit 100x100, 200x200, 400x200, 400x400, and 600x400 millimeter VESA patterns. The range extends all the way to burly, powerful motorized TV stands that hold up to 300 lb screens and support many additional VESA compliant mounting patterns, including 800x400, 800x600, and 1000x600.

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