Are you excited by OnKron products and ready to do business with us? Great idea to buy our products at wholesale from the manufacturer!
With our partners we offer Mass Premium concept

Mass Premium Is:

Releasing goods from the production lines of major global premium brands
The best service on the market for all partners
Partners have an opportunity to margin up to 100% while selling our goods

Offering a competitive price using the newest trends and technologies combined with high quality product , we've managed to control the whole technological chain : starting from manufacturing our own line of products and having a place and warehouses in multiple essential geographic locations in the world. which allowed us to produce more value and scale . we know our market and study our competitors and their capabilities gave us the opportunity to our clients the Best price range on the market and format a balanced range of products which has made our products popular and innovative .

Our products would perfectly fit you because :

we save you time and make your shopping experience always smooth and easy .Our customer support is 24/7 there for you to assist you for any question.
we save you money and offer you the best product for a durable price
Our products are carefully designed to be a perfect fit for all possible decoration and interior
All our products are thoroughly tested using triple maximum load capability, which makes them reliable, and with proper installation completely eliminates chances of damage to your TVs and monitors
After all, the functional advantages of each series of products meet the high demands of modernity and innovation .
After all , Our brackets and Stands have a highly competitive price and their purchase from an economic point of view is highly justified.

When you buy OnKron Products you make your online or offline store more competitive because:

  • We are the official manufacturer of the product.
  • Each of our items has been made with the highest standards;
  • Our tight TV Carts, Desk Mounts and Wall Monitor Mounts perfectly meet the needs of your audience
  • We offer the retailers an opportunity to margin up to 100% while selling our goods;
  • You receive the territory protection: your store will be the only one to offer a particular product line in the geographical region;
  • Your order will be shipped using the best logistics companies that fit your expectations of price and speed
  • The percentage of faulty items is extremely low (~0.7%), such apparel is easily replaced with the new units.

Your store is in United States? Take advantages of ordering gear from our US warehouses!

  • Min order 3000 USD
  • Delivery takes 3-5 days
  • All taxes and fees included
  • Accept all payment upfront
  • Interested? Email us

Need more information? Ready to receive the blank file for the wholesale order with prices? Just send an email titled as "Wholesale Inquiry" to . Thank you!