wholesale and Partnership

When you buy OnKron Products you make your online or offline store more competitive because:

  • We are the official manufacturer of the product.
  • Each of our items has been made with the highest standards;
  • Our tight TV Carts, Desk Mounts and Wall Monitor Mounts perfectly meet the needs of your audience
  • We offer the retailers an opportunity to margin up to 100% while selling our goods;
  • You receive the territory protection: your store will be the only one to offer a particular product line in the geographical region;
  • Your order will be shipped using the best logistics companies that fit your expectations of price and speed
  • The percentage of faulty items is extremely low (~0.07%), such items are easily replaced with the new units.

Your store is in United States? Take advantages of ordering gear from our US warehouses!

  • No min. order required
  • Delivery takes 3-5 days
  • All taxes and fees included
  • Accept all payment upfront
  • Interested? Email us info@onkron.us

Products purchased through the Partner Program do not include shipping costs in them, so if you are registered as a Partner, we will calculate shipping costs and send you an invoice with extra shipping charges before items are dispatched. Partners can get significant discounts when they purchase in bulk, since shipping a large quantity is a lot cheaper in cost per item terms than shipping individually.

Need more information? click here to Apply to our dealers application.